Topic : Theoretical Analysis of The Business Model
Paper Type : Essay
Word Count : 3000 words
Pages : 12 pages
Referencing Style : Harvard Referencing
Education Level : Guaranteed 2:2 Standard
Description: This system paper gives a “preview” regarding the roles performed by the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in both developed and developing countries. It will provide an analysis regarding the performance of ICTs and it will also provide a case of evidence where their performance in the developing countries is explained.
Topic : Is Gogol Ukrainian or Russian writer?
Paper Type : Essay
Word Count : 1750 words
Pages : 07 pages
Referencing Style : MLA
Education Level : Under Graduate
Description: Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol is perpetually entitled “a Russian author” however his place of birth is Ukraine as well as Gogol ethnic and social foundation is completely Ukrainian. Of course, he composed the majority of his works in Russian however what an anguish it more likely than not been for him both on the entirely individual and on the abstract level to wear the veil of an outside society (Bojanowska, 89 – 100).